Uluslararası Hesaplamalı Nörobilim Sempozyumu

Dear researchers and students,

We will hold the first Computational Neuroscience Symposium with international participation in April this year at Üsküdar University NP Health Campus. Computational studies are becoming more popular as the role of computer technologies, artificial intelligence, simulations and mathematical modeling in neuroscience increases. In our university, many researchers have started to produce science in this field in recent years. The support we have received from academics working in similar fields at other universities and the collaborations we have established suggest that the role of computational studies in neuroscience studies will increase in the coming years. For these reasons, we decided to organize the Computational Neuroscience Symposium, which will be the first in Turkey, at Üsküdar University, a leading university in behavioral and brain sciences. Researchers from Turkey and the world, who have done important research, will participate in our symposium and will share with us the current developments in the field. Presentations in our symposium will be made face-to-face and online. We look forward to your valuable participation in the symposium to be held on April 15, 2023.

Best Regards,
Organizing Committee